garrell herndon structural integration

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I'm Garrell Herndon, Structural Integration Practitioner, and yoga instructor. If you have questions about getting rolfed, or just want to try a session, contact me here.

Dr. Rolf's Structural Integration is a 10 session bodywork program that literally re-integrates the very structure of the body. Devised by Dr. Ida Rolf to release segments of the body (legs, torso, arms, etc.) from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing, it allows the body to resume it's natural gravitational alignment. Each session is 75 minutes and the benefits of the work can start immediately.
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Sound Bites and Metaphors

Dr. Rolf developed her work in the mid 1900’s. As she taught, she had many sayings and metaphors. Over the years, many of her sound bites are still repeated in SI circles. One of her metaphors was “the line”.

The image depicts before, and potential after "the work". You'll note the mid-line of the after side. If the image was 3 dimensional, you would see the line directly in the middle of the body. There would be more balance front-to-back, as well as side-to-side.

Not only does this allow a body to be more upright, and grounded, but more fluid and open in its movement. More free and easy.

Core Experience
This excellent little essay, written by Edward Maupin, neatly sums up the unique phenomenological perspective of the Rolf Work and the field of somatics in general.
Structural Integration, is designed to optimize the body's structural pattern and rebalance the physical body relative to Gravity. Once structure is optimized, often issues of energetics and comfort resolve themselves.