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I'm Garrell Herndon, Structural Integration Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor. If you have questions about getting rolfed, or just want to try a session, contact me here.

Structural Integration, is designed to optimize the body's structural pattern and rebalance the physical body relative to Gravity. Once structure is optimized, often issues of energetics and comfort resolve themselves.

Garrell Herndon
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Dr. Rolf's Structural Integration

Dr. Rolf's Structural Integration is a 10 session bodywork program that literally re-integrates the very structure of the body. Devised by Dr. Ida Rolf to release segments of the body (legs, torso, arms, etc.) from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing, it allows the body to resume its natural gravitational alignment. Each session is 75 minutes and the benefits of the work can start immediately.

About Garrell

Garrell is a graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. He joined the advanced studies program in the summer of 1991. Over the years he studied with Manouso, Janet MacLeod, Kathy Alef, Patty Sullivan, Tony Briggs, and Ramanand Patel. He apprenticed with Ramanand for many years, during which he took the obligatory trip to Pune. A month of study with Geeta and Prashant Iyengar, Mr. Iyengar's children.

Yoga is working with your body. Yoga is working with your mind. It's a way to directly harness your intention in any given moment. You cultivate skillful action in all you do. Asana for health. Pranayama for longevity. Mr. Iyengar used the asana practice to work on, or improve his pranayama practice. Garrell is available for private lessons, group classes, and corporate teaching arrangements. He's worked with students at every level. Garrell practices too.

About Dr. Rolf

Ida P. Rolf, a native New Yorker, graduated from Barnard College in 1916; and in 1920 she earned a Ph.D. in biological chemistry from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. For the next twelve years Ida Rolf worked at the Rockefeller Institute, first in the Department of Chemotherapy and later in the Department of Organic Chemistry. Eventually, she rose to the rank of Associate, no small achievement for a young woman in those days.

Ida P. Rolf, PhDIn 1927, she took a leave of absence from her work to study mathematics and atomic physics at the Swiss Technical University in Zurich. During this time, she also studied homeopathic medicine in Geneva.

Returning from Europe, she spent the decade of the 1930’s seeking answers to personal and family health problems. Medical treatment available at that time seemed inadequate to her; this led to her exploration of osteopathy, chiropractic medicine, yoga, the Alexander technique and Korzybski’s work on states of consciousness.

By the 1940’s, she was working in a Manhattan apartment where her schedule was filled with people seeking help. She was committed to the scientific point of view, and yet many breakthroughs came intuitively through the work she did with chronically disabled persons unable to find help elsewhere. This was the work eventually to be known as Structural Integration. For the next thirty years, Ida Rolf devoted herself to developing her technique and training programs.

During the 1950’s, her reputation spread to England where she spent summers as a guest of John Bennett, a prominent mystic and student of Gurdjieff. Then, in the mid-60’s, Dr. Rolf was invited to Esalen Institute in California at the suggestion of Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy. There she began training practitioners and instructors of Structural Integration.

The more Structural Integration classes Ida Rolf taught, the more students sought admission to training. Newspaper and magazine articles began featuring the person and work of Ida Rolf, and soon the necessity for a formal organization became apparent. As early as 1967, the first Guild for Structural Integration was loosely formed and eventually headquartered in a private home in Boulder, Colorado.

Until her death in 1979, Ida Rolf actively advanced training classes, giving direction to her organization, planning research projects, writing, publishing and public speaking. In 1977, she wrote Rolfing: The Integration of Human Structures (Harper and Row, Publishers). This book is the major written statement of Ida P. Rolf’s scholastic and experiential investigation into the direct intervention with the evolution of the human species.

Another book compiled by Dr. Rolf’s close associate and companion: Rosemary Feitis, is Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality. It is truly a jewel: giving us insights into Dr. Rolf’s unique and incredible mind.

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